Driving School in Halifax, NS

(902) 817-9955

3321 Ashton Lane
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3L 4T5

Driver Improvement Programs:

Graduated Licensing Program: Twenty-five of classroom theory and ten hours of individual in-car instruction.Certificate is given upon completion. Check our schedule for up coming classes in all locations. Either make application on line or call Janet at 902-471-9531.

Six-Hour Defensive Driving Class ($130):

• Exit from a 5 "N"

• Demerit Point Deduction

• Classroom Session Available

International License Transfer ($175):

• Two-Hour Practice

• One-Hour Road Test Preparation

• Vehicle for Road Test

Girl in a Car

Student Driver

Kid Holding Keys

Car Purchasing Assistance ($275):

• Purchase Consultation
• Salesperson Introduction at Three Dealerships

• One-Hour Fact Finding
• Insurance Contacts

• Pre-Financing and Approval
• Registration and Permit

Nova Scotia Instructor Course:

• Two-Week Instructor Course • 40 Hours in-Class • 40 Hours in-Car

Basics of Defensive Driving:

• Interior and Exterior Inspection Techniques
• Communication with Others
• Physical and Mental Preparation
• Propulsion

• Effective Visual Skills Development


• Reverse Techniques
• Taking Basic Driving Maneuvers
• Turning Left and Right
• Curbside, Meter, and Stall Parking
• Ramp Entering and Exiting
• Managing Intersections
• Four Turnabout Techniques
• Changing Lanes
• Passing
• Cruise Control and Merging Traffic

Traffic Law Compliance:

• Obeying the Signs
• Understanding Graduated Rules and Information
• Knowing Highway Transportation Systems
• Abiding by Nova Scotia Driving Rules
• Driving Under the Influence
• Getting Insurance Information

Safety and Maintenance:

• Performing Pre-Test Road Analysis
• Taking Evasive Emergency Actions
• Vehicle Maintenance and System Failures
• Accident Responsibility
• Seatbelts, Air Bags, and Child Restraint

Road Conditions and Bad Weather Driving:

• Day and Night Driving • Bad Weather Driving

Other Courses:

• Developing Positive Attitude
• Manual Transmission Proficiency
(Vehicle Not Provided) - $50 per Hour
• Individual Driving Sessions - $50 per Hour • Senior Driving Evaluation - $50 per Hour

Contact Janet at 902-471-9531 to sign up in our affordable driver improvement program.